Professional Services
MaldiveHOSTING now offers the expertise of MaldiveHOSTING´s web designers and support staff to develop your web site, fast and reliable web hosting, and affordable domain registration as well as seasoned marketing consultants to help you formulate and implement an effective marketing strategy at a reasonable price. We work in partnership with each client to develop and implement the best business solutions to achieve your goals.
MaldiveHOSTING's knowledgeable technical and creative design professionals will work with you to develop your web site to maximize your market opportunity. We will help you define your requirements, create the look and feel of your web site, and develop the back-end engines for your specific needs.
Now that you have a web site, how do you profit from your e-Business? Our Marketing Services team will assist you in a range of services such as Target Market Definition, Market Positioning, Communications, Electronic Commerce Strategy, and Web Site Marketing and Promotion.
We offer complete e-commerce solutions for businesses of all varieties. Leapt ahead in the market, grasping new technology and providing features that are important to merchants. Low overheads, no need for a physical shop front, a global market, 24 hour trading, pre-authorized credit card transactions prior to dispatch of goods.


Web portal design can be used internal to company’s employees or externally as a content point for clients, or a mixture of both methods.

The advantage of great web portal design is its service as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to access information particular to your business. By utilizing an adept Website Development Company to build a web portal for your business, you create an online community where both employees and customers come together, share ideas, and search for similar services.

Portals have the ability to streamline your business processes by giving both your employees and customers a single point of entry to which they can access all of the relevant information necessary to a successful interaction.
A database driven web site, as the name implies, uses a database to store the content of the web site. The web site may consist of a number of normal HTML pages and a number of templates. As these templates are displayed, code embedded in them queries the database and retrieves data, which in turn is displayed within the template. Generally an administration system is used to maintain the data in the database. This will contain functions to add, delete and modify data in the database.
Payment gateway is a service that can be used to process credit card transactions when accepting online orders from your customers. These payment gateways are offered by different banks and other dedicated Payment Processors. The requirements for an account vary from service to service, with specific requirements described on the web sites of most gateway providers.
Integration with payment gateways helps the business to go online & be available to users worldwide 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Domain name registration and web hosting are an essential part of any Internet presence, Identifying your website globally, and making it accessible by others. MaldiveHOSTING offer a range of domain name registration and hosting packages to complement our web design services, so you can order a complete package from a single supplier.